Photography is my passion. This world offers too much beauty to limit myself to only one type of subject. I enjoy capturing memory-filled moments with people, as well as breath-taking landscape shots.

Life is too short and before we know it, time has passed and memories tend to fade. Capturing times spent with family, or while enjoying a beautiful sunset, tends to freeze these moments in time. Looking at a photo seems to bring these moments back to life as if we were there again. I want to be a part of archiving these great memories.

I enjoy taking all types of photos but especially enjoy outdoor settings. As I drive down the road, I look out across the landscape as if I were looking through the lens of my camera and I “picture” in my mind’s eye how different spots would look in a photo. Adding an unusual background, like an old building, a rusty fence, or a bubbling creek, can make any photo much more unique and interesting.

Most times I keep a camera with me as you never know when that special moment might present itself as the perfect photo opportunity. It’s as if I come alive whenever I’m behind that camera lens. It’s my passion; it’s what I love!

Over the years I have had several great opportunities to include some of my photos in:
“UnNatural Disasters”, book by Meteorologist, Terry Swails
Our Iowa Magazine
The Weather Channel
The State of Iowa Department of Aviation
The Cover of the Wilton, Iowa, Phone Directory

Photography is more than just snapping a quick shot of someone/something. To me, it’s truly a form of art. Art that deserves to be captured and preserved for future generations to enjoy. Capturing those special times and places is what life’s all about to me. I’d enjoy creating a photographic memory for your library of life’s special moments.